The Supernatural Prayer of Jesus: Prayer Secrets from the Son of God that Unleash the Miracle Realm


Miracle-Secrets From the Most Supernatural Prayer in the Bible

Many believers struggle with prayer: “How do I pray? What do I say? How do I know if my prayers are working?”

Chad Gonzales has spent nearly two decades studying and meditating on the prayer of Jesus in John Chapter 17. Commonly referred to as “The High Priestly Prayer,” this single chapter of Scripture grants you access to every miracle, sign, wonder, answered prayer, supernatural provision, and blessing that Jesus secured for you!

In The Supernatural Prayer of Jesus, Chad Gonzales teaches you to access:

  • Supernatural Safety in Jesus’ Name.
  • Heavenly Joy, no matter what circumstance you are facing.
  • Defense from satan and the forces of darkness.
  • Access to the Glory that Jesus and the Father enjoyed.
  • Deeper Experience of the love of God.
  • Definitive Victory in the midst of life’s trials.
  • and much more!

Bring biblical realities into your everyday! Learn to pray John 17, and access deeper fellowship with the Father and greater supernatural demonstration in your life.